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Register of Lobbyists

NameABNLast Updated
Adrian Dolahenty1462595491216/07/2021
Alan Alford14/07/2021
Alistair Nicholas4739323655730/08/2021
Alkar P/L1600779779314/07/2021
Anne Ryan3528380600614/07/2021
Anthony Friday30/06/2021
Antinomies Trust3544151497114/07/2021
Australian Drivers Rights Association7512116331530/06/2021
Australian Institute of Conveyancers Western Australia Division INC2585635685805/07/2021
Australian Public Affairs Ltd Partnership2009870540315/07/2021
Australian Soceity Of Ophthalmologists2945400142408/07/2021
Barton Deakin Government Relations6514006728720/07/2021
Bernie Masters2157541095930/06/2021
Bossy Group Pty Ltd2416689848817/07/2021
Cannings Purple3710880236606/09/2021
Carol Martin9864424011130/06/2021
CGM Communications6661964285819/08/2021
Chapter One Advisors9661889330630/06/2021
Chatto Creek Advisory Pty Ltd3461354614230/06/2021
Chris Schacht1992726940006/07/2021
Christison Ewing & Associates7099748397630/06/2021
Christmas Jalili Pty Ltd2661408888101/07/2021
Clarity Communications8008627778728/07/2021
Clarke Corporate Communications & Consulting5237806803930/06/2021
CMAX Communications PTY LTD7313074054604/08/2021
Coode Holdings Pty Ltd8162365483912/07/2021
Counsel Communications1461664762815/04/2021
Counsel House Pty Ltd3563191900908/09/2021
CPI Strategic Pty Ltd4713910289130/06/2021
David Utting Corporate8693663594114/07/2021
Diplomacy Pty Ltd1714899864530/06/2021
DPG Advisory Solutions Pty Ltd1463440311514/07/2021
ED & Associates Pty Ltd6214198332401/07/2021
EMERSON ECONOMICS PTY LTD6164187240630/06/2021
Empeiros Advisory6260622567116/07/2021
Essential Media Communications4807467146230/06/2021
Ethical Government and Public Relations8453792910302/07/2021
FIPRA Australia Pty Limited5007848259605/07/2021
FPL Advisory Pty Ltd3412381938505/07/2021
Frederik Suhren2964126924930/06/2021
FTI Consulting4916039781109/08/2021
George Street Consulting29794893887/5530421187930/07/2021
Glide Pty Ltd3500933840711/07/2021
Government Relations Solutions Pty Ltd2812523354305/07/2021
Govstrat Pty Ltd5011512039714/07/2021
GRA Partners Pty Ltd5613170275515/09/2021
GRACosway Pty Ltd5008212382215/09/2021
Graham Short Consulting3801286887506/08/2021
Hawker Britton7910968140526/07/2021
Helen & Mike O'Brien JP6579121717820/08/2021
Industry Advocate3009116253302/07/2021
IS Advisory6562526093330/06/2021
Jo Scard2914563422414/07/2021
John Connolly & Partners Pty Limited5005616582707/07/2021
Julian Grill Pty Ltd3911847621614/07/2021
Lady & Professor Pty Ltd1664223870208/07/2021
London Agency7314535214712/08/2021
Martin Mileham9762930902020/07/2021
Matthew F.(Matt) Benson-Lidholm JP9287889141420/07/2021
Megan Anwyl1315906056109/07/2021
Michael Darby7846105391917/08/2021
Michael Megaw3891788398729/07/2021
Mrs Judith Russell2358561788105/07/2021
Nayton Communication5213680988419/08/2021
Newgate Communications Pty Limited3816236605620/08/2021
Nexus APAC7661565569907/09/2021
One Degree Advisory Pty Ltd5315392105830/06/2021
opr Agency8909696579414/07/2021
Peter Browne4910813437014/07/2021
Peter Clough5210597960030/06/2021
Peter Harman Why6867575909030/06/2021
Peter Mathie2700280749214/09/2021
Peter Rowe9408624500830/06/2021
Precision Public Affairs Pty Ltd4263929941521/07/2021
Preferment Associates3043230859623/07/2021
PremierNational Pty Ltd7161945084113/07/2021
Primary Communication Partners Pty Limited3661786434703/05/2021
Puzzle Consulting Pty Ltd3162636645214/07/2021
Pyne and Partners Pty Ltd8163474736307/09/2021
Pynfall Pty Ltd3900856694308/07/2021
Res Publica6310317825806/07/2021
Richardson Coutts2012650721108/07/2021
Riley Mathewson Public Relations9708113469806/07/2021
Robert David Neville6629501604302/07/2021
Roger Costello4604480785930/06/2021
Rohan Howatson6104346682130/06/2021
Royce Communications Pty Ltd9116704240806/07/2021
Rural Developers4116529386302/07/2021
Santoro Consulting2113148223008/07/2021
SAS Group3313652054806/07/2021
Scott Mitchell8061717845330/06/2021
Sefiani Communications8609075903230/06/2021
Silver Nutmeg Pty Ltd1814892241815/07/2021
Simon Helm9741921934109/08/2021
Sling & Stone Pty Ltd8714596546612/08/2021
Smithson Planning4678276422001/07/2021
Spoke Corporate1262418540414/07/2021
Spring Street Advisory9260341165013/07/2021
Stephen Milgate5407885840114/07/2021
Steven Shilkin30/06/2021
Steven Tweedie9779335131605/07/2021
Stockdale Investments Pty Ltd8132329686509/07/2021
TG Public Affairs Pty Ltd2363067767325/08/2021
The Civic Group Holdings Pty Ltd & Highchair Pty Ltd7872971248412/07/2021
The Hon. Bob Baldwin2001835267301/07/2021
The Shape Agency6761896933219/07/2021
The Trustee for Arthur Trust6327213310808/07/2021
The Trustee for Doleschal Ridnell Family Trust3428106513930/06/2021
The Trustee for the Cobalt Family Trust7992889613309/08/2021
Unravelling Red Tape6962652417815/07/2021
W Squared Pty Ltd6911985335107/07/2021
Walsh Stevens Pty Ltd1808466144130/06/2021
Wells Haslem Mayhew Strategic Public Affairs Pty Ltd5215945668514/07/2021
Wilkinson Butler Pty Ltd9516420411114/07/2021
Woodhill Communication Pty Ltd6261369418911/07/2021

Video guide for existing lobbyists

Video guide for new lobbyists

Who is a lobbyist?

A lobbyist is a person or organisation that represents the interests of a third party to the Government. Any lobbyist who wishes to have contact on behalf of a client with a government official is required to be registered, and a government official is not permitted to have dealings with a lobbyist who is not registered. Some exclusions apply; find out more about the register and see the Code of Conduct.

I am a lobbyist, how can I register?

The Public Sector Commission has provided information for lobbyists, including how to register online to be included on the Register of Lobbyists.

Is the information on the register up to date?

Lobbyists are required to update their details as changes occur and to confirm their details at the end of each quarter. The date that a lobbyist's details were last updated is listed on the Register.

Please note the information within the Register of Lobbyists has been provided to the Public Sector Commission by external sources and should not be used for any purpose other than in relation to the Register of Lobbyists. If you see any incorrect information, please email