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Video guide for existing lobbyists

Download the video guide for existing lobbyists (MP4, 8.2MB) or click play on the video below.


The Integrity (Lobbyists) Act 2016 has introduced a 'Code of Conduct for Registrants and Lobbyists'. This emphasises the values of 'honesty, sincerity and professionalism' and outlines the requirement for a lobbyist to complete a quarterly confirmation. To help support the new Code of Conduct, the online registration system known as 'The register of lobbyists website' has been redeveloped.

This video is intended to guide lobbyists through the features of the new website to ensure a smooth transition from the old system. You will be guided through the process of setting up a new password, amending your existing details, and provided important information about the quarterly confirmation process.

The new system provides improved security, an easier and faster confirmation process, 24/7 access for lobbyist to register and update their details and improved support for mobiles and tablets.

This is the new home page of the Register of Lobbyists website. It's similar to the home page of the old website. It's here that members of the public can view the register of lobbyists. This includes viewing the names of lobbyists, Australian business numbers, and the date on which lobbyists' details were last updated. Please note, contact details for lobbyists are not visible to members of the public.

So how will the transition to the new website be managed? Well, if you're an existing registered lobbyist, you will receive an email to your registered email address. This will include information about the new website, and a link.

Please 'click on the link' to go to the new website. Once there, you will need to create a new password. You may also need to complete a simple security check.

Once this is complete you will have access to your details that have been transferred from the old system. Please click to confirm that the details are correct and, if necessary, make any amendments.

As a registered lobbyist, you willl be able to log in to the new website at any time by simply clicking on the log-in link in the top right-hand corner of the homepage. Enter your registered email address and password, and you can then view and amend your details at any time. There is also a link in case you can't remember your password or if you need to change it.

In order to remain on the Register of Lobbyists, it is important that you confirm and update your details each quarter. To assist you in this, you will receive a reminder email sent to your registered email address. The email will include a link to the confirmation page. Simply click on the link, check that your details are correct, and update them if necessary.

So, in summary, as part of the transition to the new website, the Public Sector Commission will send an email to your registered email address including a link. Simply click on the link, go to the site, create a new password, and verify that your details have been transferred from the old system correctly.

Should you require any further help please contact us using the details shown on the screen (Register of Lobbyists, Public Sector Commission, 2 Havelock St, West Perth 6005. Email: Ph: (08) 6552 8550. Web: